Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Computer Vision group provides technical expertise in computer vision and video analytics—ranging from object recognition and tracking to unsupervised feature learning for multimedia data--to address problems of national interest. Our focus application areas include processing and exploitation of overhead imagery & video as well as large-scale video search, retrieval, and indexing.

Alan Kaplan, 925-423-0161
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Qi Cheng 925-422-4782 Data fusion, distributed and collaborative signal processing, statistical signal processing, statistical modeling, dynamic system modeling, detection/localization/tracking, anomaly detection, graph theory
Albert Chu 925-424-2443
Alan Kaplan 925-423-0161 Pattern recognition, information theory, statistical modeling, remote sensing, biomedical applications, distributed computing
Piyush Karande 925-422-0641 Neural Engineering, neurophysiology, machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, signal processing
Goran Konjevod 925-422-6360 Algorithms, graph theory, discrete optimization, combinatorics, computer vision, image processing
Greg Kosinovsky 925-423-0130 Software engineering, information and data analysis, machine learning, distributed systems, electron device theory, numerical analysis, electromagnetism
Nathan Mundhenk 925-423-8330 Computer vision, machine learning, biologically inspired computation, real-time and mobile processing, 3D processing, sensor fusion, video processing
Wesam Sakla 925-423-9628 Machine learning, pattern recognition, target/anomaly detection algorithms, classification algorithms, dimensionality reduction, manifold learning, deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks, joint transform correlation filters.