Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Cyber Operations group focuses on programmatic applied research in the characterization and defense of computer hosts and networks. We work closely with the network mapping and machine learning groups. Emphases include distributed data processing, sensor fusion, scalable attribute graphs, cloud processing technologies, stream processing technologies, host-based security, vulnerability characterization, network simulation/virtualization/visualization, protocol parsing, and malware analysis.

Kristine Monteith, 925-422-5998
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Domingo Colon 925-422-7892 Computer/network security, software development, network virtualization, protocol parsing
Jeremy Hill 925-424-9803 High energy density physics, communication and computing technologies, software development
Grant Johnson 925-423-0406 Host-based sensors, distributed information systems, network characterization, cloud and stream processing
Will Kallander 925-422-8345 Machine learning, computer / network security, software development, protocol parsing
Kristine Monteith 925-422-5998
Bill Orvis 925-422-8649 Computer security incident handling, computer/network security
Doug Poland 925-422-4980 Project management, text analytics, signal / image processing, reactor engineering
David Youd 925-422-9802 Cloud processing, computer/network security, software development, protocol parsing, scalable attribute graphs