Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The EDU group provides innovative solutions to ensure the security and resilience of the nation’s energy delivery systems; enhances the efficiency and cost effectiveness of energy utilization technologies. We have expertise in power engineering, modeling and simulation of energy delivery systems, energy utilization and efficiency technologies, techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment of energy technologies.

Liang Min, 925-422-1187
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Vaibhav Donde 925-422-0706 Renewable and DER integration, distribution modeling and simulation, protection
Nan Duan 925-422-8859 Transmission grid reliability, distribution grid data analytics, synchrophasor applications, parallel-in-time methods
Hannah Goldstein 925-422-9614 Life Cycle Assessment and Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Systems; quantitative policy analysis
Can Huang 925-423-1474 High-fidelity modeling and simulation, energy systems monitoring and control, data processing and event detection, and hardware design
Jhi-Young Joo 925-422-0074
Mert Korkali 925-422-1820 Extreme event modeling and analysis, grid reliability/risk assessment, coupled energy infrastructures
Sean McCoy 925-424-2800 Techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment of energy technologies
Liang Min 925-422-1187 Transmission, distribution and communication co-simulation, control system integration
Michael Nygaard 925-423-1474 Transmission grid planning, gas-grid coordination, extreme event system analysis
Emma Stewart 925-422-1902 uPMU, data analytics, Microgrid, DER management system