Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Energy and Earth Systems group (EESG) is focused on the computational modeling of (1) physical and chemical processes in the earth and atmosphere, (2) energetic materials applications, and (3) energy systems and resources. We have a strong presence in the areas of critical infrastructure protection, energy infrastructure modeling, and systems security. The disciplines represented by the EESG staff range from Civil Engineering to Chemical Engineering to Power Engineering to Geophysics. EESG staff skills include expertise in fluid flow and transport, reactive chemistry, uncertainty quantification, power engineering, energetics testing and modeling, as well as systems/operations integration and optimization.

Thomas W. Piggott, 925-422-1466
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Steve Carle 925-423-5039 PhD Hydrology (UC-Davis); world expert and software developer in Geostatistics (UGTA); hydrogeology (NUFT)
Tom Edmunds 925-423-8982 PhD Systems Operations (Texas); systems & operations analysis expert, nuclear engineering, program/project management (E-Prg APL and CEC PI)
Can Huang 925-423-1474 PhD Electrical Engineering (UTK); energy systems modeling and computing, simulator and testbed development
Yuliya Kanarska 925-422-8457
Mert Korkali 925-422-1820 PhD Electrical Engineering (Northeastern); Energy infrastructure (grid) modeling, grid security, and critical infrastructure protection
Katherine Lundquist 925-422-3910 PhD Mechanical Engineering (UC-Berkeley); CFD and wind transport; NARAC and E-Prg (DOE Trucks and DOE EERE, PI)
Sean McCoy 925-424-2800 PhD Engineering and Economics (Carnegie Mellon); Energy systems analysis and modeling, quantitative policy analysis
Liang Min 925-422-1187 PhD Electric Engineering (Texas A&M); grid operations and energy (grid) modeling; E-Prg (CEC, CES-21)
Stephanie Neuscamman 925-422-1878 MS Aerospace Engineering (Cornell); CFD, blest modeling, and wind with transport; NARAC, S-Prg/TSP and JMP
Thomas Piggott 925-422-1466 ALE3D, Dyna/Paradyn, Structural Analysis, Fluid Analysis, Mechanical Analysis, Combustion, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Christian Scullard 925-422-1720 PhD Geophysics (Chicago); molecular dynamics and plasma physics modeling, stat mechanics; WCI/B-Div
Emma Stewart 925-422-1902
Kristen Yu 925-422-8331 MS Environ Engineering (Stanford); wind with transport modeling; NARAC