Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Operations Research and Systems Analysis group is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and applied mathematicians who formulate and analyze mathematical models of complex systems in order to enhance performance. We use a wide range of mathematical and computational approaches including optimization, stochastic modeling, simulation, algorithms, and graph theory. The modeling and analysis performed is broadly applicable and is currently being used to solve problems in areas such as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear terrorism, cyber security, power systems and energy grids, and nuclear enterprise planning.

Deepak Rajan, 925-424-6529
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Ignacio Aravena Solis 925-423-9359
Matt Dombroski 925-424-2433 Risk analysis, policy analysis, decision analysis, network analysis, text analysis, simulation and modeling, data mining, and applied probability, CBRN terrorism
Jonathan Donadee
Dan Faissol 925-423-2544 Discrete and agent based simulation, applied probability and stochastic modeling, optimization, network analysis, algorithms, statistical modeling, systems analysis, game theory, decision analysis, bioinformatics, CBRN terrorism, cyber-security
Andrew Mastin 925-423-9613 Robust optimization, approximation algorithms, Markov decision processes, random graphs, game theory, average-case analysis of algorithms.
Carol Meyers 925-422-1252 Large scale optimization, discrete math, decision analysis, simulation, applied probability and stochastic modeling, network analysis, game theory, power grid modeling, systems analysis, nuclear enterprise, power systems, RN terrorism
Brenden Peterson 925-424-5897
Geoffrey Oxberry 925-423-1589 Ansys, COMSOL, Fluid Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Combustion, Energy, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Yining Qin 925-422-8695 Optimal control, Non-linear optimization, complex system dynamic modeling, advanced nuclear power generation technology, large scale transmission and distribution system, simulation modeling and optimization, building energy modeling
Deepak Rajan 925-424-6529
Padmini Sokkappa 925-423-3940 Operations research, decision analysis, optimization, decision support systems, network modeling, network analysis, evaluation methodologies, performance analysis, RN terrorism
Pedro Sotorrio 925-423-9531 Data analysis, renewable integration, power grid, energy systems, building energy efficiency, sustainability, electric cars
Yiming Yao 925-422-1922 Optimization, simulation, algorithms, software engineering, communication system simulation, social network analysis, power grid, RN terrorism